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Sarasota Update # 4 – It’s All Coming Together!

August 31, 2014

I’ve been anxious to see our new flooring and awaiting our new sofa and console so I’m happy to let you now that the floors are gorgeous and the sofa and console arrived (safely) and I couldn’t be happier! The floors and sofa are exactly the colors I wanted and the console is just beautiful. I’ve promised some photos:sarasotafloor

I’m opting for the coffee table below, it’s larger and I’m liking the “glam” factor! It also goes well with the floor lamps next to the sofa. Both have hammered nickel finishes.


I’ve ordered a rug for the living room and have also chosen the drapes for the large living room window and the sliding doors. The drapes I’ve chosen are a simple white lined linen/cotton blend that I sell at the shop in Irvington. They blend in well with the wall color and will give the privacy we need. (More on how to measure for drapes in my next blog.) I’ve a lot more to add to the space, but it’s all coming together nicely. I love how the we used the flooring material up the front of the kitchen counter!



Before I go, I’d like to share some photos of a quaint little section of Sarasota called Laurel Park. There are lots of areas here with 1930’s type bungalows nestled behind palms that are quite charming.


sarasotabathWhat decorating project would be complete without a re-do with Chalk Paint®? At some point, we will be renovating the bathroom, but for now I’ve painted it in Graphite with Soft Dark Wax to darken it. This is one instance where I choose to use Annie’s Soft Dark Wax directly on top of the paint with Clear Wax first. If you want to try this, be sure to test it first as normally, you should first apply Soft Clear Wax before the Dark Wax. See my  Tutorials on Waxing if you want to know how.


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