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Painting Kitchen Cabinets with Chalk Paint®

March 9, 2015

Painting kitchen cabinets is a question I am often asked about Chalk Paint®, so here is how to do it:

As always, make sure the surfaces are clean before painting. A little extra cleaning might be a good idea since the kitchen is where you may see a little extra grease, so you may want to use a “scrubby” brush with your cleaner. Be sure to do a final wipe off with clean water so that there is no residue from your cleaner left on the cabinets.

Paint the cabinets with at least two coats of Chalk Paint®. Although there is no need to sand or prime the cabinets (I’m assuming you are painting wood cabinets), you may choose to lightly sand the cabinets before painting as this will help the paint to adhere even better. If you have a shiny surface like a laminate, you should rough up the surface a bit first to get the best adhesion. Cabinets are often sealed at the factory and sometimes you just don’t know about the adhesion until you start to paint. If you are not sure, paint a sample board or a panel first before tackling the entire kitchen.

Make sure to protect the paint with two or three coats of Soft Clear Wax. Annie’s Soft Wax is water repellant and strong enough to stand up to high use. Let the first coat of wax harden for a day before adding the second coat. Annie doesn’t see the need to use a poly or lacquer if you use her Soft Wax.

You may need to “refresh” the Soft Wax every now and then if needed, but for the most part, a periodic buffing should keep your cabinets looking good.

Wipe with a damp cloth to clean or for tougher stains, you can use a stronger cleaner. If the cleaner removes some wax over time, then simply add a little more Soft Wax. I have had good luck with cleaners such as “Method” and “Simple Green”.

Painting kitchen cabinets with Chalk Paint® is really no different than painting furniture with it – you can distress, layer color or any of the other methods we’ve learned about painting with Chalk Paint®, although I do recommend that you have painted before with Chalk Paint®. And, as mentioned earlier, a sample board will save you time and effort! Also, remember to protect with two or three coats of Soft Wax.

Below are the cabinets that I painted in our Sarasota Condo:


Click on the photo for the post on painting these. Happy Painting!


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  • Reply stone granite June 2, 2016 at 1:54 pm

    Oh, WOW, what a transformation, and I’m a wood lover! My kitchen was redone in a “coffee house theme” with dark cabs and black countertop. We’re updating the adjoining rooms with really light blues, so I’m thinking the kitchen will be a big dark hole, despite a large window. We’re also moving next year, and I think the dark kitchen will not appeal to buyers, so after seeing this post, I’m all set to update my kitchen cabinets. Can’t afford to change out the tile backsplash, so I’m going to try this with a more almond-white color. Thanks so much for posting! You’ve given me the confidence to help my husband come up with the idea!

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