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Aging with Annie Sloan Dark Soft Wax

August 27, 2015

Love the aged look of this dresser ? It’s really quite simple to achieve using Annie Sloan Soft Dark Wax if you follow these basic tips.

Annie Sloan’s Soft Clear Wax was applied over the entire front, then her Soft Dark Wax was applied just over the edges. Always apply clear wax first even if you know that you will apply dark afterwards. The dark wax will stain the paint if applied directly on the paint and then it is impossible to get back to the original color.

With clear wax underneath, you can apply the dark wax and if it is too dark remove it with some clear wax, adjusting it until you get the right tone. The finished result of using dark wax over clear on light colored paint should look as if there is a discernible color difference, with some dark wax in any little niches or grooves in the paintwork or wood. The wax should not look streaked or smeared on.

imageIf the piece is small, you can use a soft cloth to apply the wax, but for anything larger, I recommend the Ultimate Wax Brush to make the job easier and faster and you will use less wax.

Want more tips? Click HERE or there are lots like the one above from Annie Sloan’s great book, Quick and Easy Paint Transformations.

Both Annie’s book and the Ultimate Wax Brush are available at Brocante Home Collection.


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