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You Say Tomato…PLUS a Recipe for Rachel’s Easy Pasta Sauce

September 7, 2015

Summer is coming to an end here on The River and I’ve hardly had enough time to use all of the tomatoes from my garden. They are still coming in and probably will for several more weeks – can’t say when I’ve had such an abundant crop.


For me, there is nothing like the taste of a sun ripened tomato. I enjoy them best right off the vine!

If you can’t get fresh tomatoes from the garden, let them ripen on your counter for a bit before using them. And, never refrigerate tomatoes  – they will loose all their flavor.

Every summer I try to find new ways to use the tomatoes; this summer I discovered a way to use them with all the green beans from my garden.

Some of my favorite ways to use tomatoes are in a tomato and cheese pie, with mozzarella and basil, sautéed with fresh string beans and onion, gazpacho, corn and tomato salad, pasta sauces or my favorite – a tomato and mayonnaise sandwich.

My favorite this summer though has been this Pasta Sauce Recipe that I put together. It’s the easiest recipe and honestly, sauce doesn’t get any better.

Here is my Easy Pasta Sauce (or gravy as my Italian husband calls it) Recipe.

Rachel’s Easy Pasta Sauce Recipe

  • Take about 2 lbs. of tomatoes fresh from the garden. (If you don’t have fresh tomatoes, use Marzano Whole Canned Tomatoes.)
  • Skin the tomatoes – don’t worry, I have an easy way to do this. It’s called a Food Mill and costs about $20 (worth every penny). To skin the tomatoes, I simmer the tomatoes in a large pan over medium heat just until they just start to soften.
  • Place the softened tomatoes in the Food Mill a batch at a time over a bowl and process until all the juices are in the bowl. You will have the skin and some pulp left in the Mill. Don’t worry if the juices look too thin – it will thicken into a beautiful sauce.
  • Chop half of an onion (yellow) and soften in a pan (I use the same one I softened the tomatoes) in a little olive oil. After about five minutes, add a few chopped garlic gloves (use fresh garlic!) and a pinch of pepper flakes for heat.
  • Place all the tomato juices back in the pan with the onion and garlic mix and simmer, stirring occasionally, for about two hours or until it has thickened.
  • Add your favorite cooked pasta, fresh parmesan and dinner is ready. Be sure to make extra to freeze for the next time!





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