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What’s Your Style?

October 5, 2015

Looking for your decorating style? You won’t believe how many there are – just a few of the many that I found online: Bohemian, Coastal, Contemporary, Cottage, Eclectic, French Country, Mid Century Modern, Industrial, Minimalist, Rustic, Scandinavian, Traditional and Vintage. So how do you find your style?


modern egg chair and classic room

It helps if you have some idea of your likes and dislikes. One of the best ways I’ve found to do that is on Pinterest. I love to look at photos of homes and this is an ideal venue to do this. Save photos of homes you like best and I’ll bet you will see a pattern emerging that says all you need to know about your style.


contemporary art with french chair

My own style has changed over the years to include more modern elements than I would have included a few years ago. I am embracing this change and have decorated our Sarasota Condo with a much more modern/contemporary colorful vibe than our River Home which has a more French / Belgian neutral look.


love this chair with gilt mirror and modern lamp

One thing that hasn’t changed is my love of vintage, weathered wood and things with patina. I’ve found that I’m most comfortable with items like this in my home wherever it is or whatever style. I’ve always believed that you should fill your home with the things you love and the rest will fall into place. Your home should be comfortable and inviting and imbued with your personality and individual style.


vintage settee and modern chair

So what’s my style? I’m calling it “Modern Mix” – it’s all about mixing old and new, modern pieces with those that have a French feel and including an element of the unexpected. I just love to see something contemporary and sleek cozying up to something vintage or antique. To see more rooms that are “my style”, click HERE.

Just for fun! Still not sure of your style? Then take this short quiz to find your decorating style. What did mine turn out to be?  Country French – though I think I’ll add a dash of Modern!


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