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Living with Pets

October 18, 2015

I can’t imagine living without my (many) pets so what’s a person to do who wants a stylish home and has pets? Here are a few things to keep in mind before you bring that cute cat or puppy into your home – I know from personal experience!

  • A Special Place – Decide right away if you are going to allow the dog on your furniture (forget about trying this with a cat – they won’t pay any attention). If you do, then try what we did, give one chair to the dog and train her to use that one. Or better yet, put a doggy bed in the room with you and train her to use it. We have placed doggy beds in most of our rooms which Stella Bleu does use, but admittedly she prefers Frank’s leather chair.
  • Window Seating – If you have a cat(s) make sure they can get to a window. Cats love to look outdoors and will knock things off a table to get there.

    Rupert relaxing on our sofa

    Rupert relaxing on our sofa

  • Pet Friendly Entrance – Bring your dog in and out through a mudroom if you have one or keep a towel at the door to wipe off paws. Since we live on a river, Stella Bleu swims a lot and so we keep towels at all our entrances.

    Greta sitting in our shop window

    Greta sitting in our shop window






  • Brush Your Pets Regularly – Although my cats don’t like to be brushed, it does make a big difference in the amount of hair on my sofa and bed.
  • Keep Valuable Items Safe – I’ve learned the hard way not to leave times around on tables that could be easily knocked off!

    Lilly on our pine table

    Lilly on our pine table

  • Pet Friendly Bedding and Furniture – Keep in mind that your pets may be sitting on or rubbing against your furniture so eliminate things with skirts that will collect pet hair or fabric that can’t be cleaned. Don’t put anything on your bed that is not washable. And keep a lint brush handy!
  • Use Throws on Furniture – I keep some nice throws around and leave them on areas that the cats like to perch. Mine all have their favorite spots.

    Otis on our guest bed




  • Durable Flooring – Hard flooring is best, anything that you can easily clean up. Throw area rugs on top but make sure they are pet friendly. I recently purchased new sisal rugs that are not pet friendly and I ended up having to layer another rug over one of them.

Remember, you can love your pets and still enjoy your home!


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  • Reply pat crawford October 19, 2015 at 7:14 pm

    My dog sheds lik crazy. Love her anyway and can,’t even think of her not being around me. So ? I dust the doors often.

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