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My Favorite Painting (and Waxing) Brushes

October 12, 2016

I am often asked about what type of paint brush to use when painting with Chalk Paint®. I tell customers that it is important to use a high quality brush – that it really does matter when painting. And what are my favorites? Well, I prefer Annie Sloan signature paint and wax brushes for my projects.

Annie Sloan has carefully designed a collection of brushes that are the perfect match for her Chalk Paint®. They make painting and waxing quick, easy and fun. Whether you’re looking for a smooth finish or textured brushwork, Annie’s brushes give you the freedom to express your personal style. Here are my favorites:

Chalk Paint® Oval Paint Brushes

dd8df4a7-8a0c-43ae-b4f6-c113d4365c35My personal favorite paint brushes are her original Pure Boar Bristle brushes. The oval-shaped brushes are perfect for producing a textured, vintage finish. The bristles are strong, yet pliable, and feature naturally split ends, allowing you to paint expressively. They hold a large amount of paint and I find that I can paint fast and smoothly with them. They come in three sizes and I use them all.

Care for them and they will last forever – I am still using ones I first bought five years ago!

Chalk Paint® Flat Paint Brushes


Annie Sloan’s Flat Brushes feature advanced synthetic fibers, in a vibrant blue, which help to produce a smooth, contemporary finish. The brushes are designed to take a large amount of paint and to apply the paint evenly, minimizing brush marks. I love to use these for color washing, dry brushing or to get the smoothest finish.

No matter what “style” I choose to paint with, one of Annie’s brushes fits the bill.

Chalk Paint® Soft Wax Brushes


If you have followed my blog or taken my workshops, you know that I also prefer to use a Wax Brush for applying Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® Wax. I always tell customers that if they can only buy one brush, make it a Wax Brush! I prefer Annie’s own Wax Brushes which were specifically designed to work with her Soft Wax.

You won’t believe how much easier it is to apply wax with a brush and you will use less wax. Although you can apply Soft Wax with a soft cloth, once you have used her brushes, you will never go back.

Annie’s Wax Brushes are also Pure Boar Bristle, like her Paint Brushes. They are shaped to a point to assist with working wax into intricate, detailed areas and tight corners. They come in two sizes – choose the one that fits your grip best. And make sure to use separate brushes for her Clear or White Waxes and her Dark or Black Waxes.

Care of Brushes


Probably the most important thing to know about care of the brushes is to clean them as soon as possible after you have finished your project. Nothing destroys brushes like leaving them to dry out with paint or wax on them. It just takes a few minutes to clean.

Cleaning both the paint brushes and wax brushes couldn’t be easier and here’s my method. I use a gentle lye soap, which we sell, to clean and condition both the paint brushes and the wax brushes. I find that the Lye Soap is a great degreaser. It is also gentle on your hands – I keep a bar on my sink to clean paint off my hands too.

Want to learn more about using Chalk Paint®? My next Chalk Paint® Workshop, Beyond the Basics, is Monday, November 14th. Happy Painting…



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