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Patio Possibilities with Chalk Paint®

June 7, 2017

Celebrating the warm weather seasons is all that more enjoyable when you have a patio you are proud to entertain in. Blogger Jen Woodhouse discovered that It’s never been easier to create a beautiful backyard retreat, especially when you use a product as versatile as Chalk Paint®.

Using a paint sprayer, she repurposed an old, dusty patio table and chairs with Chalk Paint® in Florence. There’s no need to use Chalk Paint® Wax on outdoor projects, so it only took her minutes to transform the entire set! She also painted her concrete planters with Provence and wood box planters with Aubusson Blue.

After almost a year she checked in and said, “After 10 months of my patio set and planters being outside, without any overhead cover, in direct sunlight, rain, and other inclement weather, the paint job has held up beautifully and still looks as good as the day I painted them!” There are endless possibilities with Chalk Paint®.

reprinted from Unfolded, a distributor for Annie Sloan

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