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Dry Brush Technique Using Chalk Paint®

June 11, 2017

Have you wanted to add color, dimension as well as a layered effect to your piece without distressing? A simple technique that I like to use and have talked about many times in my posts and Workshops is called Dry Brushing. It’s an easy way to change up your painted furniture and I’ll give you “The Basics” here.

After you have applied a first coat of paint and it is dry, you simply take a second color, “off load” the extra paint until the brush is nearly dry and with a sweeping motion, apply the second color on top of the first. Do this sparingly as it is easy to add another layer of the second color if you want more. After you are satisfied with the look, you wax as usual, let dry and buff to that beautiful shine, taking care not to buff too hard as you don’t want to buff off any of the second color.

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