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Our River Home

I mentioned a few months ago that I was updating our River Home and I want to share some pics with you. If you remember, I was wanting to change out some of my greige to grey. So first, all the rooms were painted…

August 10, 2015
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Sarasota Update #12 – Welcome Back!

Frank and I were back in Sarasota a few months ago and I finished (finally) painting our kitchen cabinets. If you recall from my earlier post, I chose to paint them in Graphite with a Soft Dark Wax finish. I love the way they look,…

June 15, 2015
All Décor Our River Home

Black Beauty

Since using touches of black in our Sarasota condo I’ve become a little bit obsessed with it and when I decided to update our river home (from Greige to Grey) wanted to incorporate it here. I was loving the black framed windows I kept…

May 17, 2015
All Décor Sarasota Condo

Sarasota Update #10 – Almost Heaven

We are almost finished with the update to our Sarasota Condo. I am waiting for just a few items that are backordered and then to finish painting our kitchen cabinets and we’re done! I just received this black leather lounge chair. I had originally wanted…

January 30, 2015
All Décor Sarasota Condo

Sarasota Update #7 – Sweet Dreams

Things are really taking shape now at the condo! The drapes have been hung in the living room…and we (finally) decided on a rug. We chose a Dhurri, a flat weave which makes them easy to care for and dog friendly (Stella Bleu approves).…

October 25, 2014
All Décor Sarasota Condo

Sarasota Update #6 – Moving Day

Frank and I are getting ready for another foray to the Florida Sun and I’ve loaded the truck! I’m still working on the Living Room – if you remember, I added a sofa, media center and am taking curtain panels with us to hang.…

September 14, 2014
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Sarasota Update # 5 – Curtain Call

What length curtains to buy is a question I am often asked at the shop. So when I was considering curtains for the Sarasota condo, I of course, asked the same question and thought it would be helpful if I offered a short tutorial…

September 7, 2014